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  • VirginiaNavigator's Healthy Choices Solution Center sponsored by Anthem, helps you to make healthy lifestyle choices at any stage of your life!

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  • Interested in everyday benefits of exercise? Read this detailed article describing the health benefits and overall benefits of exercise.

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  • If you are having problems sleeping, staying focused, or not having a lot of energy, daily exercising can make a change in your life. Not only will you have lots of energy, you will be able to stay focused, lose weight, and get a good nights sleep.

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  • Go4Life is an initiative from the National Institute on Aging focusing on exercise in four categories: aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility.

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  • While many seniors think their days of strength training are in their past, building muscle mass and strength offers a surprising number of benefits for seniors. Read about the benefits and get exercising!

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  • We all know that hot weather can be dangerous. This is especially true for older adults. Every summer, nearly 200 Americans die of health problems caused by high heat and humidity. Most of these individuals happen to be age 50 or older. Hot weather is more likely to cause health problems for older adults for a variety of reasons. These reasons include aging-related physical changes in the body, chronic health conditions, and even side effects of taking some medications.

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  • We all know exercise can help us stay healthy, but what about helping us stay young? Is there one type of workout that’s best at reducing the effects of aging?

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