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  • This summary of influenza from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases discusses flu and flu shots for adults.

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  • Pnuemococcal disease is a serious condition that can cause pneumonia. Many seniors and adults are hospitalized or die from this disease each year-and it is preventable. Learn more about the pnuemococcal vaccine and why it is important for adults and seniors.

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  • Learn more about the immunizations recommendations for adults, including Influenza, Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis, Varicella, HPV, Shingles (zoster), measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), Pneumococcal, Meningococcal, and Hepatitis A & B.

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  • Learn more about Shingles (zoster or herpes zoster) and the Shingles Vaccination.

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  • Tetanus disease is a condition with serious consequences. There is no cure for tetanus once a person develops symptoms, just supportive treatment and management of complications. The best "treatment" is prevention through immunization. 

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  • Are you planning travel any time soon? Your pharmacy may be able to help you prepare for your travel health needs. 

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  • Whooping cough or Pertussis is a serious infection that is spread from person-to-person contact. Adults under the age of 65 should prevent pertussis by receiving a Tdap vaccine. It is especially important for grandparents and others who have contact with children.

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